Employee Owned Company

We are pleased to announce that Chiro, Inc., doing business as Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems, adopted an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (or “ESOP”) on January 28, 2016. As a result, Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems is now an employee owned company. 

The ESOP ownership model allows the Mr. Clean employees to become “employee-owners” and become the sole beneficiaries of the future growth of the company through their retirement accounts. The ESOP will allocate the shares to the Mr. Clean “employee-owners” over a long period of time, allowing for a sustainable ownership model for decades to come. 

The corporate internal structure remains unchanged with the Board of Directors committed to the future success of the company. Founders Art Rose and Tim Russell will continue to lead and set the vision for the company.  However, employees now have a greater personal incentive and investment into the quality and future of Mr. Clean maintenance Systems.

If you have any questions please contact our corporate office.