Professional Offices

Office spaces can vary with every firm and corporation. Each building has its own characteristics and special features that make it unique. Work space cubicals are personal to every employee. Respect is of utmost importance when cleaning these areas. Whether a business, non-profit organization or government headquarters, the related work centers are places where privacy and confidentiality are essential. MR. CLEAN takes this all into consideration.

The following is a general overview of the cleaning services Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems can provide. We are committed to serving your particular needs, office hours, special secured areas to suit your operations.


MR. CLEAN Crews:

  • Have confidentiality and security as a priority
  • Respect the privacy of your employee work areas
  • Are trained in the cleaning and stain removal for the different types of furniture coverings
  • Can coordinate regular scheduled cleaning of carpets and polishing of hard floor coverings
  • Will provide tailored cleaning operations procedures and schedules to meet your business needs
  • Can provide after hour service
  • Can include a Day Porter in your customized program
  • Can develop a comprehensive cleaning program that includes exterior as well as interior
  • Can use your equipment or ours and include a service program