Commercial & Retail

Commerical and Retail cleaning and maintenance is where Mr. Clean began.  Our 30 plus years of servicing commercial and retail stores has provided us a depth of experiance and knowledge that enables us to provide the best care for our customers and their particular needs.  We have serviced every kind of floor surface and covering, worked in harmony with store schedules, and responded to the hight traffic needs as commerical and retail stores will have.  Be sure to look at our Additional Services to review the many ways we are equipped and ready to be your full servce maintenance provider.


MR. CLEAN Crews:

  • Work with your facilities management and staff to effectively respond to store’s peak business hours, restocking periods, any special constraints.
  • Have an excellent track record of providing exceptional service to 24-hour stores. Are trained in cleaning and maintaining all types of floor surfaces and coverings.
  • Provide thorough cleaning and disinfecting of restrooms and refilling of dispensers
  • Can provide Day Porter services when requested as part of your customized program
  • Can provide equipment and janitorial supplies as part of your customized program
  • Can provide specialized cleaning for cases and coolers as part of your customized program or as requested.
  • Can provide you with specialty wood and Concrete Floor revitalizing programs.