Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems is a division of Chiro, Inc.  Chiro, Inc. was incorporated in the State of California on February 7, 1980 performing retail janitorial services.  It humbly was established by partners Art Rose and Tim Russell.  It began as a two man operation and now employs hundreds of employees.  

On January 28, 2016 Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems adopted an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (or “ESOP”). As a result, Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems is now an employee owned company.

Self Performing Service means that we do not use sub-contracted cleaning companies.  Our cleaning crews are Mr. Clean Maintenance System's employees giving you a more reliable and personal service.

Some items that distinguish us from our competition:

  • Our 24-hour hotline is not just an answering machine. A call at any time of the day or night will get you a return call. 
  • All employees are issued an identification badge and company shirt. 
  • Supervisor bonuses are tied to the quality inspection for your facility, so our teams have incentive to do a thorough job of the highest quality. 
  • Our training program uses custom DVD instruction, personal instruction, on-the-job training, and follow up tests to ensure the employees understand our procedures and equipment, and that they are using them correctly. 
  • Our employees also receive safety training to minimize the possibility of an accident or injury to your employees, your customers, or our staff. 
  • This safety training is ongoing - not just once at the point of hire. Our safety contests encourage a safety-conscious environment wherever we are. 
  • We continuously maintain liability insurance to protect our customers' welfare. 
  • Our employees are propane safety certified. 
  • Our cleaning teams use Mr. Clean employees only, not subcontractors, to ensure your facility is cleaned according to your requirements. 
  • We comply with all Federal and State labor laws and insurance requirements. 
  • We conduct drug testing when we hire employees and after any accident or injury-related incident.


  • CSI Code 03360 Special Concrete Floor Finishes = Concrete Polishing.
  • CSI Code 03360 Stained Concrete Finishes =Acid Staining and Dyes.
  • CSI Code 03700 Concrete Restoration and Cleaning.
  • CSI Code 07140 Floor Sealing
  • CSI Code 01740 Progress Cleaning
  • CSI Code 090160 Maintenance and Flooring
  • CSI Code 096100 Floor Treatment/Coatings/Preservatives
  • CSI Code 01710 Post Construction Cleanup
  • CSI Codes 09610, 09660, 09663, 09670, 09671, 09705, 09760, 09800 Epoxy, Urethane and Acrylic Flooring Systems.
  • CSI Code 099723 Concrete and Masonry Coatings
  • CSI Code 07900 Joint Sealers.