Educational Facilities

Mr. Clean Maintenance Systems introduces the future of school maintenance with a full service plan for keeping educational facilities clean and productive.

We understand the high traffic that occurs in a school and how to effectively respond to the cleaning needs it produces. In addition, schools have a variety of areas that pose their own set of challenges whether it be administration offices, classrooms with special use, or gymnasiums and locker rooms. It is also understood that not all schools are equal. MR. CLEAN is up for the challenge and can provide your school or schools the attention they require.


MR. CLEAN and Crews:

  • Will evaluate and respond according to each classroom’s use
  • Can arrange a Hard Floor Care Maintenance program that will address daily, weekly and monthly needs;
  • Can address the Hard Floor Care Restoration needs your facility may require;
  • Can include a regularly scheduled Carpet Care program;
  • Is prepared to service the exterior Common Areas and can include a pressure washing program;
  • Can give attention to your Gymnasium Facilities and can customize a wood floor maintenance program.
  • Are trained in wood floor restoration including: sanding, sealing, restriping and finishing of your floor, producing a beautiful and quality surface for high impact use.
  • Can also add a Day Custodian service to your customized program.