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According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), over half of slip and falls are attributed to the walking surface.  To reduce the chance of slip and falls, a Coefficient of Friction (COF) of 0.5 or better between the shoe and walking surface should be maintained. On icy, wet, and oily surfaces, the COF can be as low as 0.10 with shoes that are not slip resistant.  A COF of 0.05 or more is recommended for what the NFSI calls "excellent traction".  To put these figures in perspective, a brushed concrete surface and a rubber heel will often show a COF greater than 1.0.  Leather soles on a wet, smooth surface, such as ceramic tile, may have a COF aslow as 0.10.

Precision Technologies, using a certified and calibrated instrument, will test the COF of your hard floor surface in both a dry and wet condition.  This confidential record will provide you the needed information to identify trouble areas to formulate a plan of action.


Floor surface performance may be improved by installing high traction floor material, upgrading floor cleaning and finishing methods and using floor products that raise the COF of the floors surface.  The goal is to improve floor performance that may have a bearing on the number of slip and fall incidents.


 Part of a successful safety program is assessing and documentation.  Therefore, Precision Technologies performs regular and ongoing testing to supply you with a confidential up-to-date report of the floor surface performance.  This documentation is essential for your evaluation of any slip and fall occurrence.

Precision Technologies is also available to recommend and assist in the training of your cleaning maintenance personnel in the latest methods, equipment and products to promote improved floor performance and reduce slip and falls.

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All of these steps provide a documented program to help you respond to fraudulent liability claims, workers compensation claims and claims of company gross negligence.  Slip and falls are costly, but a documented comprehensive safety program that improves floor surface performance, provides employee training and slip-resistant footwear and barriers and signage for customers will contribute to overall floor safety, savings and defense.  Testing, monitoring and documenting of the floor surface COF will enhance your safety program and establise supportive evidence of your commitment to safety.